Thursday, March 5, 2009

Test kebusanan

Bebusan ni aku saje je nk amek test mengenali diri ini..(cewahh..).So here is the analysis:

You truly believe in friendship.(sgt betol..100%!!) You get along well with others, and those who are around you are happy to be with you, too.(Aikceh..mcm bgs je..hee..) You love to be surrounded by friends and you'll do anything you can to help them without expecting anything in return. When your friends are smiling, you're as happy as you can be.

You care for people. Other people's small matters easily shock you. You look brave, but in fact you are hiding weaknesses inside.(sometimes..) You often talk about your faults or things that you think you could have done better again and again, though no one criticizes you about them.

  1. Your ideal mate is kind and generous.(yup..yup...)
  2. You always compare yourself with others. You make your wishes too difficult to come true.(huh..dats true..)
  3. Success depends on someone's faith in their ability. That's your attitudes towards success.
  4. You love freedom and don't want to get tied down.
  5. You are emotional(dgn seriusnye..), sincere and optimistic(tak kot..huhu). just a test!

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