Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Life is Life...

What a lovely day today. Like most, I was very grateful for who I am today. And I shall be very thankful to Allah that no matter who I am, and what I do, HE always there beside me.

Life is best for those who want to live it, Life is difficult for those who want to analyze it, Life is worst for those who want to criticize it, Our attitude defines life..........

Jika kamu menumpukan kepada keputusan, kamu tidak akan berubah. Tapi jika kamu menumpukan kepada perubahan, kamu akan mendapat keputusannya.

Ok sudah..^^,


tenteraangin said...

emm... life mmg life... berubah perlukan hati, bukan perkataan

Redbloodsnow said...

yup. totally argee wif u dear :)

khalisyaa said...

yup..betol gak tu tenteraangin...^^,


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